Succeeding Well

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We have everything we need to live the life the Creator set up for us to live. Although we have everything for life, we need to connect with the Creator to access it. It’s not out there somewhere, it’s in us because He is in us.

Righteousness is the Creator’s definition of how our lives should be lived from His perspective. And how does He want us to live life?

“Above all things, I desire that you prosper and be in health as your mind, will, and emotions prosper. ” If you are not prospering and in good health something is wrong. It’s not normal to be broke and sick.

It’s time to change our thinking to the Creator’s way of thinking. We must not rely on outside sources. It’s time to prosper according to His standards. His standard is prosperity and good health. He’s given us everything we need to succeed and to succeed well. Let’s think about that.

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