Watch Your Ears!

The principle:

  1. We hear (good or bad)
  2. We choose to believe (good or bad)
  3. We speak what we believe (good or bad)
  4. We live what we speak (good or bad)

Life and death are always around in our faces. Faith, fear, death, and life all come by hearing. this is why we must watch what goes into our ears.

What we allow into our ears eventually makes its way (by our choice) into our hearts and minds. Death, fear panic, negativity, worry, dread, and other bad reports are ours to choose.

Life, good, positivity, faith optimism, hope, and other good reports are also ours to choose.

We speak what we believe. What continually say to you about you and your situation is the life you live. Don’t like your life? Choose to believe better.

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