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Don’t Turn Back Now!

You will be tempted to resort to your old ways until your new ways are fully accepted and established. You must make up your mind to press forward! This requires a decision of quality. One for which there is no turning back. Even in the face of the temptation to do so.

You cannot be defeated so don’t you quit!

no complaints girl with spy glass

No Complaints!

No criticism, no complaints!

Watch your attitude. Be mindful not pick up the negativity of others.

That juicy bit of gossip may be full of deadly poison or at the very least a major distraction to your purpose or cause.

Watch Your Ears!

The principle:

  1. We hear (good or bad)
  2. We choose to believe (good or bad)
  3. We speak what we believe (good or bad)
  4. We live what we speak (good or bad)

Life and death are always around in our faces. Faith, fear, death, and life all come by hearing. this is why we must watch what goes into our ears.

What we allow into our ears eventually makes its way (by our choice) into our hearts and minds. Death, fear panic, negativity, worry, dread, and other bad reports are ours to choose.

Life, good, positivity, faith optimism, hope, and other good reports are also ours to choose.

We speak what we believe. What continually say to you about you and your situation is the life you live. Don’t like your life? Choose to believe better.


Get in Where You Fit In

Be about what you are here to do. Be about your business.

No more time for copy cats. Doing things others are doing.

It’s time to go all-in on your purpose for being on this planet.

What if you don’t know why you are here? Then that’s your assignment. To figure out why you are on this planet.

It’s easy to copy others. But it’s far more rewarding to be an original. Your assignment may resemble someone else’s but won’t be exactly the same. It may in the same field and that’s ok as long as it is your assignment.

It may seem daunting to discover who you are, but discover you must. Let’s not waste time on someone else’s assignment while ours goes undone. Find your place and get in it.


Choose to Believe


We choose what we believe

We choose to believe one way or another.

We choose to believe it

It required our input.

It required our permission.

Why do we believe what we believe?

Where did we get the information for what we believe?

What we believe comes by hearing.

What we hear comes from our environment.

Our environment is made up of the books we read, the movies or TV we watch, and the people we hang with.

Our environment influences our beliefs.

Be sure your environment is set to thrive!

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Pro Choice? Choose Life!

baby feet
Image by Diane Ineza from Pixabay

What would the world look like without you in it?  Think of the lives you’ve changed and transformed by you doing what you do every day.  Your kind words. Your smile.  Your passion. Your genius.  

You may not be center stage but you are so very important. We need the gifts, talents, and skill you offer.  

No matter how you got here, you are here. And we need you!

One life can change the world. You did!

Dare to Daydream!

Make time to daydream. Schedule 25 minutes on your calendar and use that time to:
figure things out
get quiet

Get somewhere and sit down!

Sitting down requires determination and focus. Sitting down allows you to think God’s thoughts. It allows Him to think through you and allows Him to show you what he’s planned for you.

Have some fun today. Daydream.
Think of what could be. What you could be.
Decide what tomorrow will look like, today.
Draw it out.
Speak it out.
Project your future.
Determine your destiny.

Your schedule is the canvas for your day, week, month, and year.
It’s a blank slate.
Don’t use it to repeat past shortcomings and failures.
Write a new chapter of victory!
One where the hero, you, wins every time.

woman looking away

Succeeding Well

woman looking away

We have everything we need to live the life the Creator set up for us to live. Although we have everything for life, we need to connect with the Creator to access it. It’s not out there somewhere, it’s in us because He is in us.

Righteousness is the Creator’s definition of how our lives should be lived from His perspective. And how does He want us to live life?

“Above all things, I desire that you prosper and be in health as your mind, will, and emotions prosper. ” If you are not prospering and in good health something is wrong. It’s not normal to be broke and sick.

It’s time to change our thinking to the Creator’s way of thinking. We must not rely on outside sources. It’s time to prosper according to His standards. His standard is prosperity and good health. He’s given us everything we need to succeed and to succeed well. Let’s think about that.