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Value Your Gift

Value your gift.

God saw that what He created was good.

Value your service. Call what you do good. He did.

Believe in you. Believe in your product.

Never ever diminish your value and do not despise small beginnings.

God made us and called us good. We are here and therefore we are good. He thought well enough of us to assign us to earth. We are hand picked to fulfill an assignment.

Your business, ministry, product or service is bigger than you. It’s to help humanity in this lifetime.

On the other side of your obedience is a blessing for someone else.

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Corrupt Communication

Today I decide to steer clear of corrupt communication. Corrupt communication is any communication, broadcast, podcast, conversation, tv show, book, or movie that does not fulfill my purpose or get me to my desired destination.

Life is better with a good routine

I was thinking about the moments of success in my life. I discovered that those moments were all connected to a consistent routine. My success or failure is in what I do daily. What I do daily is my life. The question is, is this the life I desired?

Routine. We all have one even if we don’t realize it. We do the same things at the same time every day. These things we do shape the quality of our lives. They determine if we will be successful or not.

Even what we say continually is also part of our routine. When certain things happen in life, we say certain things and get the results of what we said. God tells us in Psalms 35:27 what to say continually.

“Let them shout for joy and be glad, Who favor my righteous cause; And let them say continually, “Let the LORD be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.””
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭35:27‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Our success or failure is evident in what we do and say daily. Life is better with a good routine.

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Decide your life

Our lives cannot be random if want to succeed. Each day must be planned and executed according to plan. We must live our lives by decision. The decision to live life the way He designed it. Nothing less.

  1. Decide what I want my life to be.
  2. Find out what I need to make it so.
  3. Set up a plan for making it so.
  4. Follow the plan until it becomes routine.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

The writing of these five steps is easy.
Carrying out each step is an adventure.

Have you thought about what you want your life to be?

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Find Your Style

Finding your style makes life easier. You know your signature look, how you wear your hair, what clothes look good on you. It’s easy to be put together when you leave for your daily adventure. You go out in confidence. You don’t wonder about what to wear to impress someone else. You are you and it shows.

It begins with knowing who you are. This will take discovery. Especially if you have been a people pleaser. But you will enjoy finding out what you like and don’t like. What makes you smile. Your favorite color may not be the color you thought it was. You may even discover that you like broccoli and asparagus!

When you know who you are and what you like and don’t like. You will not be distracted by things that are not “you”. You are no longer confused. It’s much easier now to discover your purpose. Just by discovering your style. You are free and it shows!

Voices & Choices

a particular opinion or attitude expressed.

There are many voices all around us. The environment we choose influences the voices we hear. Hearing is passive and requires little effort from us. Listening is active. It requires our choice and decision to tune in. When we take action on what we listen to we have obeyed that particular voice.

Which voice do you hear first thing in the morning? The one in your head? YouTube? TV, radio, strangers?

Whose voice do you listen for each morning? Out of all the voices in your space/environment to which do you give your attention?

Whose voice do you obey each morning? The director in a movie, play or TV show tells the actors where to stand, how to act and what to say for a desired result. In life the voices we hear, listen to and obey, direct our lives. They tell us what to say how to live and behave. And this is by our choice whether we are aware of it or not. The voice you obey directs your day. Who directs your day?

There are voices who will help our reach our destination. And there are voices who will hinder our progress. The choice is always ours. Our ears are vital organs. They are the door to our hearts and minds. We must guard them against the voices that are against our purpose, genius or destiny.

Set your environment to thrive. Be mindful when picking your digital mentors. Make sure they align with your purpose and don’t contradict each other. Only hang with the voices that promote your purpose. Only allow the voices that will help you reach your destiny. You don’t need many voices you need the right voice. Choose wisely.

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No Complaints!

No criticism, no complaints!

Watch your attitude. Be mindful not pick up the negativity of others.

That juicy bit of gossip may be full of deadly poison or at the very least a major distraction to your purpose or cause.


Get in Where You Fit In

Be about what you are here to do. Be about your business.

No more time for copy cats. Doing things others are doing.

It’s time to go all-in on your purpose for being on this planet.

What if you don’t know why you are here? Then that’s your assignment. To figure out why you are on this planet.

It’s easy to copy others. But it’s far more rewarding to be an original. Your assignment may resemble someone else’s but won’t be exactly the same. It may in the same field and that’s ok as long as it is your assignment.

It may seem daunting to discover who you are, but discover you must. Let’s not waste time on someone else’s assignment while ours goes undone. Find your place and get in it.